Connected Car: The New Automotive Battlefield

The competitive playing field for Automotive OEMs and Tier 1 suppliers is shifting to infotainment system capabilities - the "Connected Car". Tech-savvy car buyers want a driver-centric experience, that means apps designed with relevant real-time content, integrated into a seamless, non-distracting user experience.

deCarta's Connected Car Platform

deCarta's Connected Car Platform is an integrated navigation, search and location solution developed specifically for the in-vehicle experience.

  • L2 Local Search - deCarta's advanced single-line search combines an advanced geocoder with a flexible POI search that can extract user meaning from either text or voice input.
  • Driver-Centric Applications - Deep integration of deCarta's LBS technologies allows combination of applications that might ordinarily be in separate apps, such as finding a parking space near a destination, alerts about changes in traffic and drive times to a meeting on your calendar or location notification directly from the navigation application.
  • Search Along A Route - Designed specifically for the car, deCarta's patented Search Along A Route (SAAR) considers the route and direction of travel and ranks POI results based on convenience, drive time and distance.
  • Off-Board or Hybrid Navigation - Best in class, voice guided navigation. Maps and routes can be served from the cloud or cached on-board using deCarta's hybrid navigation technology to provide uninterrupted services when wireless connectivity is lost.
  • Customizable Content - deCarta's Connected Car platform is available with pre-selected content partners for Traffic, weather, parking, gas prices and more…but customers are free to use other data sources as desired to create customized or regional services.

Real-time information from leading content suppliers can be integrated into the driving experience:

  • Traffic-based Routing - Continuously checks your route for congestion, incidents, and alternate routes using historic, real-time, and predictive traffic information.
  • Points of Interest (POI) - data are continuously updated and always fresh.
  • Weather - weather updates based on your current or selected location.
  • Gas Prices - find and navigate to the cheapest gas near you or along your route.
  • Parking - find available parking spaces near your destination by combining parking data with decarta's Search Around Location capability.
  • Map Content - Map data from all leading map providers, including Nokia/NAVTEQ, TomTom and OpenStreetMap, plus many others.

deCarta's Connected Car Platform can be installed inside the customer's firewall or delivered as a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering through deCarta's Hosted Services. To see the Connected Car APIs, please go to

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