Turn-by-Turn Navigation

deCarta’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation solution

Xplorer V8, deCarta's field-tested navigation platform, offers mobile operators, OEMs, and mobile application developers a white-label, real-time voice-guided navigation application for both smartphones and tablets. It can be configured to work as a standalone navigation application with both driving and pedestrian modes while also providing local search and mapping functions.

Xplorer leverages deCarta’s fifteen years of experience to provide more consistent, accurate routes than other navigation applications on the market. It is designed to take advantage of the location and resources of the modern smartphone Operating Systems and is compatible with both official and forked versions of Android. An iOS version will be available in the second half of 2013. Xplorer leverages deCarta’s proven server platform to provide fast address/POI lookup and re-routing with highly accurate voice and map guidance.

On the mobile client, Xplorer V8 is available as either a white-label navigation application which can be branded as needed, or as core libraries which can be quickly integrated into other applications to add mapping and navigation. There are three core libraries which can be used separately or together, including local search, map display and navigation.

What you get with deCarta’s Turn-by-Turn Navigation solution

  • Beautiful 2D and 3D OpenGL vector maps
  • Map and Satellite views
  • Map Zoom and Map Rotation
  • Up-to-date maps, POIs and navigation information
  • No need for users to download multi-gigabyte map files
  • Map caching:
    Reduce data charges
    Provide higher performance
    Provide maps even in no-coverage areas
Routing and Navigation
  • Multiple Route styles:
    No Tolls
    Avoid Highways
    Avoid Bridges
    Avoid Ferries
    Pedestrian routing
  • Navigation-centric home page (Portrait & Landscape mode)
  • 2D and 3D route views
  • Preview routes: Run entire navigation route in demo mode
  • Destination information: Automatic calculation of remaining distance and expected time of arrival
  • Route to Address book Contact
  • Support for both US & Metric distance units
  • Routing influenced by real-time traffic information
Local Search
  • Single Line Point of Interest (POI) and Address search with Type-ahead to reduce typing
  • Search Results Sorting (Alphabetical and By Distance)
  • Search from current position while navigating to easily find the nearest gas station, food, etc.
  • Category Search: Quickly search around your current location for preset categories like Gas, Parking, Coffee, Airports etc.
  • Real-time traffic information
  • Daily Commuter: traffic-enabled ETA to a favorite (e.g. Home/Work) destination available right on the home page
  • Speed camera warnings
Local/Social features
  • Weather reports and forecasts at destinations
  • Save addresses, POIs and destinations as favorites and/or share them via SMS, Facebook, Twitter, RenRen, QQ, etc.
  • Click to call business

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